Aug 14, 2010

Polka Dot Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

I’m finally back for the last guest dessert feature of the day. This one comes from Leoni of Just Call Me Martha in Australia. Leoni is not a professional baker or party planner but managed to create this great display from scratch with the help of her 4 daughters after planning it for several months!  The dessert bar was for her eldest daughter’s 10th birthday.  This polka dot sweets spread included a 2 tier caramel fudge mudcake with caramel fudge buttercream icing, polka dot cupcakes made entirely by the 10 year old birthday girl, chocolate spoons, and macarons. Leoni’s daughter dressed up the cupcakes with wrappers from The Cupcake Wrapper Co. Not only are the wrappers cute, but they are lined as well so the buttercream won’t grease up the wrappers. The Cupcake Wrapper gals sent me these all the way from Australia and they are great.

A few things I love about the table…The dot pattern is timeless and is perfect for kid parties. If you change the scale of the dots to a smaller pattern, it can work for adults as well.  I also love the fabric bunting, the jackson pollack inspired chocolate bark, and the adorable cupcakes and cake.  While Leoni’s daughter helped with the baking, she didn’t see the table until it was ready and apparently cried with joy when she saw the whole spread. That is the best gratification for all that hard work.  Congrats Leoni on such a great job!

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  • WOW! I love this table! It’s nice to know it’s from a fellow Aussie too!!
    Such inspiration! Thank you Amy for sharing!

  • OMG this is soooo cute – I love the candy bark and the dipped donut holes!!!!! The fabric is adorable! The fondant toppers on the cupcakes and the fabric garland – I LOVE IT!

  • Absolutely adorable! Kudos for her 1st time macarons! They looked awesome!

  • I just love this color combination!

  • Flavia

    She did a fantastic job. Looks beautiful!

  • What amazing party decor by Leoni. I love it! It looks too good to eat.

  • Love that lacy cake stand that the cupcakes are on! Can I ask who makes it and where you purchased it?

  • Lovely lovely lovely! Delightful to see two Aussie girls making your blog Amy!

  • I think this 10-year-old has a very bright future ahead of her! Everything looks amazing and yummy! Love the simplicity and color combination. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing! I love red white and light blue together and polkadots are my favorite! How adorable everything looks!

  • Oh my goodness (squeeeeeel) I can’t believe my table made it to Amy’s blog, I think I promptly burst into tears when I logged on here a few minutes ago lol Thank you soooo much Amy, you’ve always been a huge inspiration to me and your advice has been a HUGE help when planning and putting this together.

    PS: Lacy cake stand is from a homeware shop called “Domayne”, its called the Paloma White Metal Footed Cake Stand.

    Thank you!!! woot, woot!!

  • So much detail is put into every little thing Leoni makes. It is a beautiful set up.

  • Hi Amy,
    Thanks so much for the mention on Leoni’s guest feature.
    Like Leoni we did a squeeeeel when we saw it!

    We hope you loved the wrappers we sent you and are ahppy to send more if you ever need them.
    We are continually inspired by your work too – you should see our new market stalls! We have incorporated so many elements you regularily use. We get so many comments now too.

    Thanks to Leoni too for using our wrappers – everyone loves the work you have done on your beautiful party!

    Warm regards from Downunder (where it is freezing!)
    Kathy nad Natalie

  • donna kirzner

    So incredibly beautiful!!!
    The cake is amazing.
    How did you make the number 10 to put on top of the cake?

  • Aletta

    Wow, this looks amazing! It inspires me to create my own table! 🙂

  • Raquel

    Gorgeous party! What did you use for the 3-panel backdrop? I absolutely love it!

  • momlicious

    This site is good for therapy. Whenever I have uninspired day or mood swing, I look at your site and I feel like a bird:))

  • The number 10 on the cake is a wooden cake topper that I had custom made and the backdrop is 3 blank canvases that I covered in fabric using my stappler gun.

  • AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI! Yay leoni has done a fantastic job on this birthday party dessert stand! I was thoroughly impressed by it… and it being done by an aussie no less!

  • Love this!!! The colours are perfectly complimenting each other

  • Absolutely fabulous. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this blog before and was so proud to find some fellow Oz Chicks being featured. Great job ladies. I’m getting all inspired for my daughter’s upcoming 3rd birthday tea party!

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE this!!! It’s just stunning? May I ask where you got the red and white polka dot stand the cake is on?

  • I made it Jennifer, its just foam covered in polka dot fabric with a cake board glued on top, the cakeboard is covered in fondant.