Aug 11, 2010

More S’mores

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

I know, I know…I already posted about s’mores yesterday, right? But just because it is no longer National S’mores Day doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy this fave treat. I received so many emails about s’mores ideas after yesterday’s post that I thought the s’mores party should continue {at least on this blog!}  Lisa of Moore Minutes sent over a s’mores bar and I had to share. See s’more {I had to} ideas at the end of the post.

I love how Lisa incorporated s’more pop-tarts and s’more goldfish on the table.  I also love the camouflage flags and burlap cloth.

I’m also loving the color palette on the striped candy bars.  Very cute.

Don’t you want to dive in? I know I do!

Lisa incorporated cute scrapbook paper {a fave trick of mine} like owl, nature, and plaid paper to create flags for marshmallows.

Fabulous job and I’d love to see some more (or s’more….okay I’ll stop now) of your work Lisa.  Keep up the good work because you completely rocked this table.

Here are some other s’more ideas from my readers…

-S’mores printable collection from Fresh Chick Design Studio

-Neapolitan dipped marshmallows from Event Trender

-Birthday cake marshmallows {and 7 ways to dress up marshmallows} from Icing Designs Online

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  • This is fabulous!! I have a gourmet marshmallow station for my Sept 5th wedding. The guests are going to love it!

  • Nicole

    That’s adorable (and now I want a s’more). It’s nice to see a table pulled off so well for an older boy’s party!

  • So yummy and so cute too. Love the use of scrapbook papers too. Although this post is making me really hungry now!

  • Totally and completely obsessed with this! Love the “go take a hike” sign in the marshmallow! Yum and Fun!

  • sandy cuevas

    where have I been!!! I just saw your website today for the first time! Amazing and beautiful. I am a floral designer and have done lots of weddings and parties and have also incorporated candy bars and dessert tables because they are so cute and add so much and guests love them!!
    Now I am again inspired. Thanks so much. So pretty and inventive!

  • sandy cuevas

    amazing website. I love candy tables and dessert tables. So inventive and beautiful. so glad I found you!

  • Awesome!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the shout out!!!

  • Sue

    Love all the marshmallow inspiration! Thanks for including ET! We are always inpsired by your creative ideas and blog posts!

  • this is such a great birthday party idea! so novel! love it!

  • lisa always has great parties with lots of detail and love put in to everything!

  • Lisa did an absolutely outstanding job on this as she does on all of her events. This was so cute that this would even coax me to go camping and commune with nature! LOL! The attention to detail is perfect. Cute as can be. You’re right. She rocked this table to the moon and back. Great job, Lisa!


    Sheila 🙂