Jul 29, 2010

Behind the Scenes – Nautical Design

We’re designing a nautical inspired party and have rope sailor’s knots, anchors, and lighthouses on our mind. I found these adorable mini buoys at an antique shop and had to snag them. Aren’t they cute? There are so many uses for them. They can be used to decorate a summer dinner tabletop, a dessert buffet, or for decorating a house out east. Don’t these cute props make you want to plan a summer fete? Feel free to share your nautical-themed party ideas in the comment area. We have lots of propping and designing to do, but I just thought you’d like a peek of what we’re working on. Be back tomorrow!

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  • For a client’s nautical themed wedding, instead of cocktail tables we are doing a bunch of pile-ons (three logs of varying heights tied with nautical rope). They’ll, of course, be at heights comfortable for someone to put their drinks upon. Sea grasses in large pots are also a nice and inexpensive way to dress up a boring tent – add cat tails to make them even more interesting and put them near the bar, DJ table, etc.

  • Those would have been perfect for Tommy’s Crab Shack Party! Fabulous!

  • Oooh Amy, I have just finished a Nautical Themed Party that I think you’d like! 🙂

    Completed with sailors knots, boats, anchors and more…

    If you need more info: birdcrafts(at)gmail(dot)com


  • For a hanging centerpiece at a nautical/beach/golf themed event (for a golf tournament cocktail party), I hung fishing nets filled with paper lanterns in sea glass colors and suspended small LED lights inside each lantern so that as the sun went down, the lanterns in the net glowed brighter. It was one of my favorite aspects of the party!
    Check it: http://partyfactory.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/been-a-little-busy/
    We also used lots of these vintagey bouys around the room, vases filled with sand and shells with faux coral and sea grass poking out, and lots of golf balls…because it was a golf party, after all…

  • Lauren Elliott

    Hi Amy, Your designs are so beautiful. People have been ordering my little wood boats for their nautical themed birthday parties – these might be too young but I thought I would share. http://www.etsy.com/listing/51625500/wood-boat

  • I haven´t done a nautcal themed party yet but I´m so excited to see what are you planning ñ_ñ

    Greetings from México

  • When I think of the sea and boats ls always remember those paper cones with English-style fish and chips

    They could copy the newsprint, make cones and place some of the delights that guests enjoy

    Make small paper boats of paper if a children’s party would be also a good idea as well as headlightssorry for my english
    Besitos a montones

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  • Greetings from Brazil!

    I have designed two different sea themed birthday tables I would love to share with you and your readers.

    Here are the links to the photos in my blog: http://bolobalaodiversao.blogspot.com/2010/04/um-mergulho-no-mar-azul.html

    I hope they can be of any inspiration to you. Your ideas are, definitely, a lot of inspiration to me!