Jul 26, 2010

Vlog #3 – Behind the Scenes at Amy Atlas Events – Visit to Popbar

Vlog #3: Behind the Scenes at Amy Atlas Events – Visit to Popbar from Amy Atlas on Vimeo.

This past Friday, Lisa, Rachael and I took a break from the office during a hot, muggy NYC day to meet with Reuben BenJehuda and Daniel Yaghoubi, co-owners of the Popbar. What a better way to cool off on a hot summer day than to visit a place that specializes in handcrafted gelato on a stick? Can I love my job any more? Popbar just opened two months ago in Manhattan’s west village and specializes in creating handcrafted gelato, sorbet, and yogurt on a stick with custom toppings. Do you think this sounds good? Well, we tasted it and you better believe it was! It’s no surprise that the Popbar has shot to skyrocket Pop-ularity amongst NYC’s pickiest palates. The popbars are made fresh daily in small batches by Popologists in the Poplab. We had a chance to watch the Popologists make a batch of handcrafted gelato sticks {see video above}. The popbars consist of 70% fruit, are gluten-free, kosher certified, and preservative free. We became certified Popaholics after we sampled banana gelato sticks dipped in milk chocolate {my fave!} and strawberry gelato dipped in dark chocolate. But those aren’t the only flavors…Popbar has a wide selection of flavored gelato, sorbet and yogurts including gianduia, pistachio drizzle and coconut drizzle gelato {yum!}. They also have delicious, gooey toppings so you can create your own Popbar when you go in. We sampled nearly every flavor and topping by the time we left. We had SO much fun there and Reuben and Daniel were incredibly generous in letting us see the whole process of creating a Popbar. This was a great find so definitely pop on over to the Popbar when you have a chance!

Be sure to come back tomorrow. Kathleen of Twig and Thistle will be here to guest blog and share an exclusive template for fun summer entertaining!

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  • Amy I would love to see video or pictures on how you organize your supplies!
    Do you just put all fabrics together, all ribbons or do you put things together in themes… HELP!

    • Amy

      Great idea! I was thinking of showing a sneak peek of my prop closet. We’ll get on that!

  • what cute place!! i wish we had one in LA – they need to come out here…looks delicious.
    very cute vlog Amy – thanks for sharing with us.

  • Amy – we were thinking of taking our kids there yesterday on a “field trip” but then the storm hit! Looks like so much fun. Been meaning to try it for a long time now.

  • How fun is that! Love the pop bar! The vlogs are fabulous, keep them coming! 🙂

  • you’re so cute! i love these vlogs!

  • You guys are so flipping cute together! Makes me want to be a part of your team Amy! Vlog #3 was so much fun to watch! You’re a natural superstar! =)

  • Joy Johnson

    I would love to be an intern for a week! But I’m too old! You are FANTASTIC!

  • Kat Sosnick

    love this vlog on popbar. best thing downtown NYC for grown-ups and kids too. all their popbars are freshly made on premise using no artificial colorings or preservatives. they taste like heaven! and their popSorbettos have no sugar, only fresh fruit! a great vlog Amy, thanks!

  • Those pops are too delish looking!

  • Oh yummo! We need a place like that in CA!! Looks amazing!