Jul 14, 2010

Guest Dessert Table Feature

We’re busy bees working away at Amy Atlas Events today. We’re baking and crafting for a photo shoot, jamming out proposals, and editing our first ever vlog (don’t expect much – we’re amateurs on the video front). I’ll show some behind-the-scenes later today, but in the meantime I have a beautiful guest dessert table to share with you from Petite Bouches. Veronica of Petite Bouches emailed us to tell us that she was inspired by our business. Veronica tried out a dessert table and it is so charming. I adore the design for this table, which was inspired by a beautiful yet simple wallpaper design. I also love those gorgeous cookies and the favor boxes.

A few tips from the dessert table designer for all…
(1) When you are using macarons, try using smaller platters to pile them up. They are meant to be petite and lovely so give them a small spot on the table and replenish if you need to with pre-made macaron platters. It is also more practical because the second someone grabs one they will all fall out of place.
(2) Be careful with those greens! It is hard to ace green when baking, but Veronica nailed it. Be careful when ordering green candy as well. There are so many shades so try to get the candy companies to email you swatches or send you samples.

Veronica – congrats, you did a fabulous job and I hope to see more of you! Come back later for fun behind-the-scenes…

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  • The cake pop decoration is very clever and sophisticated. Love it! And let’s face it Amy, who isn’t inspired by you?! Can’t wait to see the vlog.

    • Declicously Elegant!!!! Amazing job!

    • Shelby

      I absolutly love your work! I am 17 years old and have wanted to have a career in event planning since I was 10. I find all of your dessert tables a great way to tie an event all together! It would be an honor to be able to see your job first hand. Keep up the great table designs!

  • Love this one. The cake pops are amazing!

  • so beautiful!

  • Ken

    Absolutely stunning display of culinary artistry.

  • Thanks Amy for featuring my dessert table, you continue to inspire people like me who are venturing into the business. I’ve learned a lot about design and working with great vendors from you. Looking forward to your vlogs and the Ask Amy section plus your behind-the-scenes are incredibly helpful!

    • Veronica – your dessert table is great! The color palette and design/decorations are so lovely, this is one of my favorites of many dessert tables I’ve seen on line. Well done! And my goodness, are all of the baked goods from your pastry shop? I’m drooling. So pretty.

      Amy – thanks for sharing!

      • Thanks Dawn! 🙂 I make the macarons and cupcakes in-house, the rest I source out either online or locally.

  • Love everything! Beautiful colour combination…

  • I just adore the wallpaper backdrop and the baked goodies look so amazing! What a wonderful job Veronica!

  • Elegantly beautiful!

  • Thank you for sharing Amy! The dessert table is amazing! Love the detail on the Cake Pops!

  • Sue

    Lovely presentation! Love the wallpaper and the lolipop presentation! Great element on the cakeballs!

  • I seriously just fell in love. That cake is absolutely amazing!

  • Thanks Kori, you did a great job on the labels!

  • So sweet how she was inspired by the backdrop! Normally it’s the other way round!! 🙂

    I love those cupcakes!! And the macarons are just to die for!!

    Amy, your advise is pot on! Thank you again!

  • I really like the color scheme for this one. Those cookies are amazing and the cake is beautiful as well! Everything looks so elegant!

  • Great tips, Amy! It’s always a little bit of a challenge to get all the colours to match exactly. Veronica’s swirly cake pops are to die for 😀

  • Stephanie K

    Those cake pops are amazing. I’ve not seen anything like them before.

  • Love everything about this table – the wallpaper, the colours
    the baked goods, gorgeous dessert table!

  • wow, this is an amazing dessert table! the wallpaper looks just like the one i saw at Miette (in their hayes valley, san francisco shop). i really love it.

  • Shir

    I just LOVE that table design!

    • Shir

      and can you please add a recipe for simple macaroons?
      I’ve tried out some and they didn’t come out very pretty…

  • I’m sure the ladys who follow my blog will love this idea!

  • i love visiting your blog everymorning to get inspired for my own parties and creations!

  • i love visiting your blog every morning to get inspired for my own parties and creations!

  • Hello Gorgeous!

  • Very beautiful

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  • Amy

    I love this in so many ways! The colors, the desserts, the wallpaper… does anyone know where I might find this wallpaper? I love it, love it!