Jun 15, 2010

Our Ice Cream Story for InStyle Magazine

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest

I hope you were all here this morning to see the behind-the-scenes with InStyle Magazine. If you didn’t, you should definitely check it out here now! I worked with the editors to develop an ice cream story (including color story, recipe and flavor ideas, tips, products, concepts) and then propped and styled the whole story for the shoot. Be sure to check out our template for the ice cream shoot below. Here is the amazing story…

InStyleCover 700x883 Our Ice Cream Story for InStyle Magazine

IceCreamAmyAtlas 700x895 Our Ice Cream Story for InStyle Magazine

AmyAtlasIceCream2 700x969 Our Ice Cream Story for InStyle Magazine

AmyAtlasIceCream31 700x951 Our Ice Cream Story for InStyle Magazine

AmyAtlasIceCream4 700x892 Our Ice Cream Story for InStyle Magazine

AmyAtlasIceCream5 700x898 Our Ice Cream Story for InStyle Magazine

Here is the ice cream cone template. I hope you enjoy it!

*I’d like to dedicate this post to my dad, who would have been 72 today. A little over three years ago, he lost his battle with prostate cancer. My dad was my biggest “cheerleader” as he liked to call himself. Anyone who knew him, knew how proud he was of both myself and my brother. I like to think that he is still cheering us on from wherever he is. Somehow I know he is still watching over us and being a cheerleader today. Happy Birthday Dad. Love you and miss you. xoxo

pixel Our Ice Cream Story for InStyle Magazine

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  1. Oh I am sure he is extremely proud of you Amy! God Bless to you both! Running a 5k in Philadelphia this Sunday for prostate cancer….I'll think of him while doing so….
    The Instyle piece looks great…I just pitched someone to have creative icecream sandwiches in lieu of cake because the bday boy doesn't like cake….now I have this to back up my idea thanks!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Everything turned out perfect! The colors are so bright and fun! Thank you for the amazing opportunity to make the labels for the shoot! I see them! I see them!

    What a sweet thing to write about your Dad. I cherish my father and he is always here cheering me on, as well!

  3. Beautiful post, Amy. Thank you for sharing. Happy birthday, Mr. Atlas.

  4. I am trying to hold back my tears. I know your Dad would be SUPER proud of you!! AWESOME spread InStyle !!!!

  5. What a fab spread!! :)

    Congratulations on a stunning shoot!

    Those ice cream brioche sandwiches are a cool treat, and the possibilities are endlessly yummy!!

    Happy Bday to your dad too, and what a gift! :)


  6. Beautiful tribute to your Dad ~ I am sure he is smiling down on you. xo

  7. I have been in love with ice cream lately- it is super HOT on the West Coast! It was lovely to see your spread in the magazine on my doorstop last week and now online:) What a lovely way to celebrate summer.

  8. He would've been incredibly proud. This is beyond words, you truly are an amazing, talented artist!

  9. it turned out beautiful ! congrats !

  10. Cannot wait to read in the Instyle issue!!! Hope it arrives in my mailbox soon!!!

  11. Hi Amy,
    Indeed, your father must be watching over you from above and I'm sure that he is in awe at such a creative and talented daughter. Happy Birthday to him!
    Very touching tribute!
    The ice-cream spread is gorgeous. Such fantastic ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Me encantan las fotos!!!
    Felicidades por vuestro trabajo!

  13. Happy Birthday to your dad! How amazing & bittersweet! You have much to be proud of! :)

  14. Awesome, editorial coverage.
    Can't wait to try a few of those recipes. Your birthday tribute to your father, really touched me. I recently lost my dad as well to cancer… he was always a lead supporter for me and my sister. Just know that he is definitely watching and has the biggest sweet tooth for you!
    All the best.
    Keep inspiring!

  15. It's so fun to see the "after" when you've seen the before and during shots too!!!

    I love InStyle magazine and will definitely be picking up this issue! It looks GREAT! :)

  16. Fun and lovely!! (and a sweet dedication)

  17. What a sweet dedication :) I loved it! Congrats on your spread in In Style, it's GORGEOUS!

  18. As always, impeccable Amy!!! You are my hero. xoxo

  19. Looks incredible! Makes me want to devour everything!

  20. looks delish. makes me want to devour everything!

  21. That's amazing! I saw that today and thought to myself what a brilliant idea! Good job!

  22. So bright and refreshing! I love all the Gorgeous color combos~ love Kim and all her work too;)


  23. * I bet your dad is proud up there;o)

  24. What a wonderful article! I LOVE the ice cream topped cupcakes! I saw Kim's labels too… how fun!

    I'm sure your dad would have loved this.

  25. WOW, this shoot looks amazing. I am craving ice cream now! I can't wait to run out and grab a copy of the magazine.

    So sweet of you to honor your dad in your post!

  26. God Bless Your Dad

  27. Tres magnifique!!
    I love the ice-cream on the slab bit

    Please was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to prevent the ice cream from melting. I know I can use dry-ice but not sure how attractive that will look.

    Thanks Amy

  28. I knew this was you before I saw your photo. I thought "this looks like the gorgeous work of Amy Atlas!" Outstanding!

  29. This was so sweet, bright, and yummy!! I love the new site by the way and I love how you included your dad, he surely is somewhere smiling over his little girl, you’re doing so FAB. Now what excuse can I come up w to throw an ice cream party??? ::runs off thinking::

  30. Amazing job, so happy for you Amy!!

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