Jun 04, 2010

Behind the Scenes at Amy Atlas Events

By: Amy Atlas, in Behind The Scenes

I’m back with a behind-the-scenes peek at Amy Atlas Events. We’re getting ready for a few projects and I thought I’d give you a glimpse into our world again. I know I have not shown as many behind the scenes lately. I will do my best to bring more behind-the-scenes posts to you, I promise! We’ve been working on some projects that I can’t quite reveal yet so it has been hard to share behind-the-scenes shots {which explains why I’ve been inundating you with guest design tables!} We also have some clients that don’t want their parties published. Sorry but that’s how some of our clients roll and we have to respect that. Like I said, I’ll do my best to show you more when I can.

A few exciting things that you’ll start seeing on the blog…
(1) My blogmaster is finally working on the re-design and the new blog should be up and running in a few weeks {woo-hoo!};
(2) I’m going to share video interviews of us out and about propping in NYC – don’t expect anything too sophisticated, we’re quite tech-challenged here:-)
(3) I’m going to share videos/demos of my favorite vendors – you all know who you are so don’t go into hiding!
(4) We’ll try to take you on any of our sweet journeys like our trip to California.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of our sweet journey in the city today. We needed to run around the big apple for some last minute items for an event and our first stop was New York Cake & Baking Distributors, the go-to spot for pastry chefs and baking lovers in NYC. {Our dear friends at New York Cake & Baking Distributors will be partnering with us for a giveaway here soon so stay tuned for that!}

Here I am eyeing damask cake stencils..so, so pretty…

Sprinkles galore…they have every single shade and hue!

Lisa checking out the decorative cupcake wrappers. These wrappers can style up any ‘ole cupcake…

They also have every color icing and gel. Dangerous!

Edible dusting glitter for dressing up cakes, brownies, cupcakes and cookies.

Off to M & J Trimming, but first, a glance at the Empire State Building. It is NYC after all!

We stopped in M & J Trimming , the ribbon mecca of NYC, and a crafter’s dream come true!

So many choices. Lisa had to pull me out of here.

A quick lunch at Markt, one of my fave NYC lunch spots.

A visit to Michaels. Oh thank goodness Michaels has blessed NYC with its presence. NYC is so much better now that Michaels is in it…

I love the paper selection at Michaels. I use their paper to line platters, dress up favor boxes, make party hats. The possibilities are endless.

There wasn’t a NYC cab in sight for a while, but we eventually made it back to our office headquarters where the rest of our clan was working away.

Want to see what we did with the stuff we found? Come back on Monday for a sneak peek.

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  • Rowaida

    Great! Amy looking forward for the post. I am sure it will be beautiful and inspiring.
    Bonne chance
    Rowaida Flayhan

  • Chic Cookies

    I love such glimpses into the world of super-creative people, can't wait to see more picture!

  • april

    Ohhhh. Looks so cute. I'm glued to your blog looking for party ideas for my daughters first birthday. I know you'll inspire me to do something great.

  • Lila

    Wow, that looks like some serious crafty work! Good luck!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  • Carla Cavellucci Landi

    I LOOOVE behind the scenes! Do you usually order your graphic material from a 3rd part? Is your office open for visits? πŸ˜€ I'd love to watch the whole process in person… I just recommended your site to an event planner, crossing finger she picks you!

  • becletico

    Hello, I loved your blog, it's beautiful! I'm from Brazil, live in Rio de Janeiro.
    I found your blog by chance, the branch of my blog is for clothes, more like I got a kiss, I thought it was about you and thought I'd share this honor.
    Hope you like and publish to your blog!
    I want you to know that you'll keep following!
    Loved! Kisses, Lú =)
    ** The address is located your virginity is http://becletico.blogspot.com/
    The stamp is "this blog is a dream"

  • Simply Colette

    What a joy it would be to work for Amy Atlas! πŸ™‚

  • Sugar & Spice Event Design

    Love those amazing colors! Good luck with your amazing events!

  • Holley V

    Ditto, Colette!

  • Anonymous

    I agree Collette. I love planning events and it's an integral part of my job, but not like Amy Atlas events.

  • Tati Alberti

    In Brazil we do not have many choices of products, moreover, our country is rich in many things but spend too little on products for cakes and craft.
    Meanwhile let us reflecting on their ideas and trying the 'Brazilian way' to promote beauty to our customers.

  • Andressa Sandri

    I agree with Tati!!! We have to use our imagination and criativty so much….that sometimes we run out of ideas… I ´m looking foward to go to NY and go crazy in a store like these!!!!!!

  • Andrea

    Omg! I'm visiting NYC from L.A. And *just* missed you at NY Cake! Darn it! M&J looks amazing — got to hit that before I fly out Sunday a.m…

  • Mrs. Limestone

    That cake decorating place is amazing (and I can't even bake!)

    How is it possible I didn't know Michael opened up here?

  • Lindsay

    Looks like an amazing trip! πŸ™‚ LOVE NYC!

  • veron

    Can't wait for your new projects! I'm getting into the dessert table business and visiting your blog is so inspiring. Oh, I love Michael's and I have a habit of collecting their wonderful paper selection. I'm going to NY for the fancy food show end of June, will try to stop by NY cake and Baking Distributors.

  • Jen

    The baking supply store looks like a dream! How could you ever leave? So fun!

  • Page

    wow this is an amazing post!!
    its very interesting to see how you end up putting together great events..
    you should definitely do this more often πŸ™‚
    looking forward to more

  • Carla Cavellucci Landi

    Thank you for sharing your behind the scenes… I love it!

  • citygirl – Stacey

    Amy – we make the same rounds! Three of my favorite stores!!

    Have to try Markt though – don't think I've been there yet.


    This looks like me at the jewelry supply stores. Even though I have everything – only need 1 thing – I spend so much time looking, being thrilled with new possibilities, thinking, and spending more $$ then I planned. I guess this is normal. And, I love ribbons! OMG we could have so much fun together couldn't we? xx's Marsha

  • Hello Lover…

    Looks like a perfect day to me! I love Michaels!

  • Cindy

    WOW, I am way jealous. Especially of the icing/glitter dust. Sydney doesn't have that much stuff. πŸ™

    You guys are just amazing.


  • Sugar Siren

    OMG how jealous am I, I am in regional Australia & we nothing like this absolutely NOTHING!!! I would be in so much debit if I went somewhere like that.

  • mindy

    ohhh that ribbon store would have me in deep debt! haha. Such amazing places.

    once hobby lobby store opened up… i have never been back to michaels! i guess that makes me a trader. Do you guys have a hobby lobby near you?

  • Bea @ CancunCookies

    I'm jealous! I want to visit NY, too… I agree with Tati and Andressa, we have to do with what our countries/cities (Cancun) offer, and things would be much easier if we had so many products and stores… Can't wait for Monday πŸ™‚

  • Eva’s House

    I wish I was in NYC!! Lovely places to find inspiration, thanks for sharing with us!

  • Erika

    You are such a lucky girl to call this your job! Thanks for sharing.

  • Carrie of Bella Cupcake Couture

    Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes. It was so great to see the NY Cake Supply store. They sell our cupcake wrappers and can't wait to visit the store when we are in town in July. Look forward to visiting some of the local cupcake shops too. do you have a few favs? πŸ™‚

  • Queen of Tarts

    NY Cake also has a West Coast location in Los Angeles! They opened last Fall 2010 and are located on Pico Blvd near the Westside Pavillion in West LA.

  • Brandi

    I'm so jealous! You have such amazing resources. I think I might have to make another visit and check out these fabulous vendors. Thanks for sharing!

    Brandi @ Tweedle Dee Designs

  • cccris

    i hate you because i was in NY 2 years ago, but at that time i don't care about cakes so much. Now i can't go in NY, ut i try to do cakes with my possibilities. And, no, i don't hate you i'm just jealous. πŸ™‚

  • Anneliese

    Love the behind the scenes looks! I wish I could fly to NYC right now and visit some of those spots–could get myself in big trouble. Alas, I am big pregnant so that trip will have to wait but I'm happy to have some spots to add to my "must-visit" next time! Keep up the behind-the-scenes! Thanks.

  • Patricia

    Eu quero uma loja dessa aqui no Brasil!!!!