May 25, 2010

Circus Guest Dessert Table Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

All photographs by Logan of Zuma Photo.

Culinary Crafts in Utah sent over some pictures of a circus themed dessert table they created for a recent birthday party. It looks like the buzz of our dessert bar trend has hit the beehive state!

Culinary Crafts took inspiration from our old fashioned candy bar here. I love how Culinary Crafts made a circus design still look fresh and not too commercial. Some of my favorite details include the asymmetrical layering of the fabric on the table, the striped linen, and the circus tent favors.

Okay, just a tip from the dessert table designer…stack up those gorgeous macarons higher so your guests can see them as they approach the table. I would have also cut down those lollipop sticks so the guests can fully appreciate the beautiful whimsical cake.

Also, for the diy’ers, take note that including pre-made cotton candy sticks on a dessert bar is NOT an easy feat. Culinary Crafts did a great job with this, but they had a staff person replenishing cotton candy sticks to keep them fresh. This is necessary! I’ve worked with cotton candy several times and often the cotton candy deflates and looks a little scary to put out. We once made lavender cotton candy floral topiaries and that was, well let’s say, an interesting project to replenish throughout the night! I don’t think I’m going to repeat that one!

Overall, great job Culinary Crafts!

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  • Hello Lover…

    Love all the colors! The stationary is adorable as well!

  • Paris Hotel Boutique

    Love the circus theme. So whimsical!

  • The Purple Pug

    Absolutely beautiful. Love the vibrant colors. Unique and beyond gorgeous.

  • Al

    Wow! LOVE IT!!! Such great composition and tasty looking treats! Their use of color, cute signage, and asymmetrical balance is simply stunning!

  • sliptakz

    what's that in icecream cone Amy? looks great

  • Amanda

    Amazing!! Say, how does one go about submitting a table for the Guest Feature?? I am doubtful my tables are good enough to make the cut, but I would still love to try!

    Thanks for you time!

  • Tessa @ Utah Bride and Groom

    Love this fun theme and love Culinary Crafts!

  • Louise

    ooh.. how looks stunning

    Louise @ Illume Design Invites

  • Page

    I've loved your blog for a long time.. but this one's very unique and eye-catching!! My school's actually holding a carnival tomorrow and my charity club's holding a fundraiser– I wish I'd seen this earlier so I could draw some inspirations from it and make my fundraiser circus-themed!!
    Anyways, as always, I love every post on your blog and website. Thanks for being such an inspiration! 🙂
    I look forward to seeing more lovely designs!

  • Clau!

    This is so cute! Love the colors!!!!

    Eye Candy Events

  • clouds

    so gorgeously colourful!

  • Jen

    I love the macaroons in the bright colors! And that cake… wow!

  • Nar

    This is absolutely amazing! Would love it at a birthday party, or themed fundraiser! I can always count on this blog to post awesome ideas!!

  • Caroline

    Do you know wher I can find these delightful "circus tent" boxes ?

  • Kate

    A fantastic and fun looking table.

    I was a little distracted by the wrinkly linens…

  • AC

    Super cute! Just one more suggestion… would have been more polished if the table linens were ironed. Not loving the folded seams look! ;p

  • Kelle

    SO PROUD TO just learn that My daughter’s birthday party was featured on your blog!! This is my Riley’s 7th birthday pictures featured here!! Rachel at Culinary Crafts did an amazing job.. it was such a awesome party!!!