May 14, 2010

Guest Dessert Table Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Kids

Today’s guest dessert table feature is a kid’s dessert table from Lindsey of Bella Grace Designs. Lindsey created an all pink party ala Pinkalicious for her daughter Alyssa’s birthday, which Lindsey said was inspired by us. Lindsey used oversized balloons like we often use for a focal point for her table. The cake is really sweet and simple and the dessert table is the appropriate size for a kid’s birthday party. I also love how Alyssa and her friends are all wearing pink. And how precious is the picture of Alyssa hugging her mom at the end of the party?

Okay, just a little tip from the Dessert Table Designer…I think it would be great if you put a contrasting linen under your dessert table linen so you can see another color peeking out under your pale pink linen. A linen in the brighter pink palette would be nice. That will tie in the brighter pink color that is in some of the candy to the rest of your table. Kind of like what we did here for the design for Grier Shield’s birthday party. I think you did a great job Lindsey and it looks like Alyssa was a pink princess at her party!

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  • Adorable dessert table! I am also loving the "tips" that you are providing!

  • Kori Clark Designs

    Oh my, great job Lindsey! This party was so sweet!!

  • Truly Smitten

    love the pink goodness! happy Friday!

  • Susan

    gorgeous! great tip on the whole contrast thing. it definitely makes a difference!

  • jenni kaufusi

    i love the pink party. oh y gosh so cute i might have to steal your ideas for my daughters 4th bday this summer.

  • April

    What an adorable party! She did a great job!

  • A Blissful Nest

    Lindsey- great job!! Very adorable.

  • Whimsical Cake Studio

    I agree, I am loving the tips. Thanks! Any tips on how to create back drops?

  • Lulu

    So cute ! In France we are not accustomed to putting as much balloon. But I adore the sky of balloon. I like much this environment 🙂 (excuse my english)

  • Christina K

    hello, i'm new so i hope you don't mind this long comment; i'm not really sure if there was an e-mail available to ask questions, but i recall reading that you taste everything prior to adding the desserts as a part of the process. how many things do you taste on a daily basis?

  • Genevieve Le Bel

    Lindsey, what an amazing party! You're a Superchick for sure!

  • lisa golightly

    Oh SO cute !!! Love how even the boys broke out the pink shirts ! For a fleeting moment, I wish I had another baby girl to do this ( oops, it it went away ) I will file this away and patiently wait for grandchildren ! xoxo

  • Lisa

    Everything looks so perfectly pink! Fabulous!

  • NINA

    A very sweet party for a very sweet girl.

  • Holley V

    So pretty! I love the flower hat!

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey where did you get that adorable pink headband your daughter is wearing?

  • Lili

    Your work is perfect!!! I Love!!!
    I wanted to know…where is headband from? That little girl uses…and her dresses?
    Thank you…

  • Kayce

    I Love Everything! Just wondering where you found the wrapping paper and linen for the backdrop? Did you just layer the linen over the wrapping paper? Was the wrapping paper white?

  • Alex

    This party is adorable!

    Where are the round balloons from?!