May 12, 2010

Guest Dessert Table Feature from Sweden

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

Linda and Christina of Holy Sweet Blogspot in Stockholm, Sweden emailed me with pictures of their first dessert table. Linda and Christina are bakers, but just ventured into the dessert table world after seeing my tables on the blogosphere. Apparently, no one in Sweden is doing sweets tables yet so Sweden may be seeing a new trend soon. I love the color palette and the yummy desserts they chose work naturally with the color palette. I also love that they brought in a signature drink onto the table.

Okay, a little constructive criticism from the Dessert Table Designer since all of my readers are asking me about what they are not doing right with their dessert tables…Make sure you steam your linens before you start setting your table so that the table looks pristine. Also, cut down your cake pop sticks so that they do not block other vessels on your table (this will also be more practical for your guests to handle the pops). Other than that, you are on your way. Great job Linda and Christina! I’ll be back with more international guest dessert table features soon to show you where our trend is hitting around the globe!

dessert+table+019 Guest Dessert Table Feature from Sweden

dessert+table+025 Guest Dessert Table Feature from Sweden

dessert+table+043 Guest Dessert Table Feature from Sweden

pixel Guest Dessert Table Feature from Sweden

19 Comments for: “Guest Dessert Table Feature from Sweden”

  1. the madeline sandwiches look divine!

  2. That is a beautiful dessert table. I love the colors. I have started sketching out my daughters birthday dessert table…yeah her birthday is Aug 23rd but I am so excited!

  3. Beautiful, Amy. As always. =) Do you ever do workshops?

  4. Wow, that is stunning! Sooooo elegantly done ! Eye Candy overload !!

  5. Wow. I love the color scheme. Soooo pretty.

  6. Gorgeous!!

  7. can I eat those right nooooo-o-ooow! gorgeous!

  8. looks just beautiful, so inviting!

  9. Love the simplicity of this – thanks for the advice! I made a little dessert table for my sister in laws bachelorette party and I didn't do a backdrop, because I didn't have time. But when I look at the photos, I can see it would have made a huge difference. So for those of you attempting these – always do a backdrop (hanging linen, a canavas, etc)!

  10. As usual, I'm in awe. Love your talent. xo

  11. Looks like they did a great job for their first time! Love the color scheme!

  12. Looks so refreshing all the raspberries and strawberries, YUM!

  13. I am working on a dessert table for my daughters graduation party. The idea of using a backdrop never occured to me! Thanks for the inspiration your sight is a delight!

  14. so pretty and elegant

  15. So chic and fun! Love it.

  16. Your work is lovely rich in all the details!
    Always pass by here to get inside the news!

  17. Your work is lovely rich in all the details!
    Always pass by here to get inside the news!

  18. Everything looks gorgeous!! Where did you get the long glass containers…the one you used for the macaroons? For some reason, I can't find that shape.

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