Mar 23, 2010

Passover Desserts

By: Amy Atlas, in Recipes

I’m dusting off my fine china this week in preparation for the holiday Passover. I’ll be hosting the first seder for my family and I’m currently working on my dessert menu. Now let’s be honest…desserts for Passover don’t tend to excite people. The fact that you can’t use flour during Passover makes recipe development for this holiday quite challenging. Luckily, Smitten Kitchen did a round up of 17 flourless passover dessert ideas that has me very excited for Passover desserts this year. I’m especially loving her family’s lighter-than-air chocolate cake and the chocolate caramel matzo crunch from David Lebovitz, which he adapted from Marcy Goldman’s book. Check out all 17 recipes here. Hopefully, these recipes will get you excited to get in the kitchen for Passover, too. I’ll be back to show you some behind the scenes shots of us getting ready for Passover!

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  • aly

    I can't wait to try to the chocolate matzo recipe. Last year I purchased this from some expensive shop downtown, but I think i can handle this one on my own! Thanks for posting!

  • Gerry Snape

    I'm not jewish ,but every year we have a kind of passover meal.All the family love it ,yhe symbols and the fun let alone the glasses of wine! Thanks for the recipes.

  • I can almost taste the matzo crunch right now! I am not Jewish, but will definitely incorporate this treat into my own Easter dinner.

    Thanks so much, Allison

  • MooshMooshy

    Yumm!!! I'm making this one tomorrow!!