Feb 09, 2010

Behind the Scenes – WPIX Valentine’s Day Segment

It’s only 9am and we’ve already had a full day. I was up bright and early (1 am) to get ready for a live Valentine’s Day segment with Tamsen Fadal, the anchor from WPIX (Channel 11). I shared my top tips on creating a Valentine’s dessert table at home. Here is the WPIX clip of the segment so you can see the tips yourself!

Below are some behind the scenes pictures of us getting ready for the segment!

The studio…

Prepping ruffled buttercream cupcakes for the segment…

Prepping the table…

Here I am with my hair and makeup gal Val Velez. She rocks!

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  • Rowaida

    I watched the segment online, love the table soo beautiful and creative. you are really amazing Amy. Good luck

  • Sweetly Sweet

    Very well done Amy! So good to see you on TV… Thank you for sharing those tips and tricks. Can't wait to use them on my daughter's birthday!

  • kristin

    Great segment and breakdown for the do it yourself person. Question on the macaroon tower – where do you get yours and do you just use the outer shells for the tower? Thanks Amy!