Feb 01, 2010

Brooch Bouquets

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brooch wedding boquet1 Brooch Bouquets

Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Designs sent me these brooch bouquets and I nearly fell off my chair. Apparently, these beautiful brooch bouquets made their way around the blogosphere and somehow I missed it! How beautiful would these be for a vintage style wedding? It is also a great way to incorporate a family heirloom (something old or something borrowed) into your bouquet. Amanda has even made an all blue (for something blue) brooch bouquet. But don’t limit these for just weddings…fill your tablescape with these charming bouquets for a lovely brunch, birthday party, or baby shower. The best part…they can be recycled for different parties since they are not real flowers. See more below, including a paper floral bouquet!

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vintage brooch bouquet 3 Brooch Bouquets

DPYC0110 Brooch Bouquets

unique bridal boquets3 Brooch Bouquets

DPYCFaves0034 Brooch Bouquets

pixel Brooch Bouquets

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  1. so pretty !!!

  2. gorgeous!

  3. Wow! I will be looking at costume jewelry in a whole new way now.

  4. So beautiful! What a creative idea!!

  5. So Beautiful and Elegant!

  6. i have seen these done with felt flower brooches and they were dreamy! i've also seen vintage brooches like this tucked in amongst actual blooms. but i've never seen something like these. how beautiful!

  7. Do you know the rings "Diorette" by Dior ?
    you should love them !

  8. those are fantastic!!!!

  9. beautiful!

  10. gorgeous!

  11. Wow,..those brooches are so gorgeous!I'm really impressed with the designs..very creative…I love it!

  12. wow, they are absolutely gorgeous.

  13. these are awesome.

  14. Those are super creative bouquets. Functional and long lasting! I love how the jewelry brings the bouquet to life.

  15. these are beautiful.. xx

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