Jan 29, 2010

Ready for Takeoff!

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Behind The Scenes

We have a super busy day getting ready for parties and I don’t have time to do a long post, but I thought I would share some pictures of the party I did for my very own ‘lil boy’s birthday yesterday. I worked with Melangerie for the paperie details. My son has an infatuation with planes right now so we did a “ready for takeoff” party. I need to “take off” now to take care of other parties, but I hope you all enjoy the pics below! Be back Monday!

PS – yes, that airplane suspended in the air is a cake!

IMG 6824 Ready for Takeoff!

 Ready for Takeoff!

 Ready for Takeoff!

 Ready for Takeoff!

 Ready for Takeoff!

 Ready for Takeoff!

 Ready for Takeoff!

pixel Ready for Takeoff!
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69 Comments for: “Ready for Takeoff!”

  1. I just LOVE that runway! Genius!! I bet the boys had a blast with that. Love the color scheme too. I just hosted a Notre Dame party with those very same colors…

  2. SOOOO cute!!! MY son is totally into airplanes…. Thanks for the ideas! And my fav… one work cupcakes!

  3. Adorable little pilot! :) Love the colours and the chic log on the favour bag!

  4. Dear Amy, you are really amazing and so creative love the theme. God bless your son, wish him health and success. You are an inspiration. I am following you on twitter wish you could follow me.
    Bonne Chance
    Rowaida Flayhan

  5. Oh my goodness Amy that is insanely adorable. I bet everyone loves getting an invite to one of Josh's parties!

  6. I've seen a few airplane parties, but this one is over the top fantastic! (as always!!!) Love the colors and tablecloth landing strip!


  7. What a lovely theme for such a lovely boy.
    I think he is pretty happy with this.
    And an amazing cake.

    Have a nice birthday, and lots of fun.
    Greetz Astrid

  8. you are one awesome mom!! do actually make the cakes and cookies?

  9. That's one lucky little guy you have! What a sweet party. Do you mind if we share with our readers? http://www.hiphoorayblog.blogspot.com

  10. It was so fun working together on the table cloth and design/paperie details for this! Pics look adorable :)

  11. this is truly adorable! love it!

  12. WOW….that cake! What an adorable party! Love the color combo!

  13. Love, love, love this, Amy! The runway is amazing! Forget my child, my husband would love this themed party!

  14. Oh my gosh, that is absolutely AMAZING!!! I cannot believe the suspended cake. Wow. What a great party!

  15. You're officially a SuperMom in my book. How do you find the time? What a terrific looking (and I'll bet, tasting) party! I'm curious how far in advance you set about planning and ordering items for your parties.

    Thanks for all you do!


  16. AAA-MAZING (as always)!

  17. Everything is perfect, as usual! I'll be sharing on my blog! My readers are demanding more boy party ideas, since I tend to lean toward pink, girly ideas! :) This one is fantastic! Thanks for sharing! XOXO

  18. Those cupcakes are way too cute!! I'm sure he loved them!

  19. Oh, this is DARLING!!! My son just had a Star Wars themed party…I think next time, he's going to be HEAVILY PERSUADED to have airplanes next year! ;)

  20. What a lucky little boy! I have 2 of my own and I know they would love a plane themed party, beautifully done!

  21. Really cute! I love the colors you used!

  22. awe! everything is so adorable.


  24. Awesome airplane cookies!

  25. Those cupcakes are so cute!!!

  26. Such a great boy party! The girls get so much party love sometimes…it's so refreshing to see cute boy party ideas!

  27. gorgeous. I want one of everything, please.

  28. My word that is the most amazing kid party ever! If only you lived down the street…

  29. Oh my goodness! What a fantastic idea, I LOVE the airplane cake and cupcakes, adore them! Also love the colour scheme. Your 3yr old boy and my 3yr old girl ALMOST share a birthday, she had her 3rd birthday yesterday (29th Jan)

    Love reading your Blog, as per usual, very inspirational.


  30. The cookies and cupcakes are just perfect!


  31. So cute and absolutely love the table top runway!

  32. Love this design!!

  33. so fun! how did you think of these great ideas! i found your blog via live work design and i can't wait to follow along and read more!

  34. You've got one lucky little boy! He will always remember the thought and love you put into his parties, and for that, you rock!

  35. wow sooo cute!! any little boy would love that!

  36. Great! So many wonderful ideas that will come in handy as I too have a boy who loves planes!

  37. this is SO adorable, amy!!! he must have loved it. joannaxo

  38. Absolutely adorable! Usually the girls get all the cute ideas! I love when the boys get some action. We have gone back and forth from MN and overseas for the past 7 years so I love travel themes. My son turns 2 in March and I want to incorporate a few ideas into my around the world theme!

    [email protected]

  39. This is hands-down one of the best party themes I've seen.

    You always NAIL it!

  40. Amazing! Love the color scheme, very fresh and still very boy.

  41. This is incredibly clever…on so many levels. What fantastic inspiration you provide us all!

  42. My fiance would love this! Great work!

  43. GORGEOUS! I've spent over an hour here on your site! And I was supposed to be cooking! ;) Thanks for sharing. Inspirational! -Shelley {www.HowDoesShe.com}

  44. This is amazing. My son loves airplanes too so I'm definitely getting great b-day ideas here. If the party looked this good, it must have been super fun. What kind of themed activities did you have for the kids at the party?

  45. oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!

    this is INSANELY fabulous!!!!!!
    goodbye average kid's parties!



  46. A beautiful party. I especially love the suspended airplane. Thanks for sharing.

  47. this is incredible. the runway for table is SO fantastic! you have raised the bar for any child party i will be throwing!

  48. Love it!!! I must say you make me want to start my own event planning here in San Diego! I added a spot on this in my blog!

  49. OMG this is soooo darling!! I wish I had seen this before I threw my son’s airplane party. We had similar ideas, and it’s fun to see your take on them! I blogged our party at http://shaibaer.blogspot.com/2010/10/that-time-of-year-again-part-2-birthday.html

  50. Love the runway! Wish I’d have thought of that for the airplane party I threw: http://diyingtobedomestic.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/airplane-birthday-party/

    Amazing job, as usual!

  51. This is great! There are no airplane paper goods out there but you brought the theme together. My son wants a airplane birthday this year.
    Where can I order the cake from? Where can I get the paper for the table runway?
    Thanks, Christine

  52. Hi!!! I’m looking to do an airplane baby shower for my sister in law and i absolutely loooooove your decorations!!! i’ve never been on a blog before, so i hope you do get this. if you do, can you please tell me how to get that runway runner??? where did you get the water label, airplane cookies, etc??? help please! THANK YOU :)

  53. me encanto los de talles de aviones… ahora me hubiese gustado ver mas, sobre la de coracion de los globos, la torta o canastas, pero realmente que buena creatividad.

  54. yo estoy realizando tambien su cumpleaños a mi hijo que cumple 2 añitos y el motivo es de aviones, me gustaria si pudiera dar me unos consejos tal ves.

  55. I love your ideas! We had an airplane party for my son. I would have loved to add that runway idea on the tablecover. We only had four kids at our party so I got each bot their own personalized melamine plate (doubles as a favor). It was so much fun and the kids loved the plates as a special take home gift. Here is a link to where I got the plates. http://www.partyallready.com/premium-parties/boy-theme-parties/high-end-airplane-party.html

  56. i was wondering where can i get a the runway runner?

  57. hey amy! that looks amazing! you are very creative. im planning a party/dance that has an arplane theme. and i was wondering how you made those cute airplanes on top of the cupcakes?

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