Jan 21, 2010

Guest Dessert Table Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

I get a lot of emails from aspiring dessert table designers with pictures of their creations. This is the second one that I am posting from Sharnel Dollar of My Life My Loves from Brisbane, Australia. She created a pinwheel-inspired dessert table for her young son’s birthday party and it is just too lovely not to share! I love the use of the wooden crate boxes, the play on the pinwheel theme, and the color palette. With my inbox often flooded with pictures of dessert tables from people all over the world, I am thrilled to see that Sharnel just gets it! Maybe I should start a regular column on my updated blog of featured dessert tables. Would you all like that? I could give constructive criticism for those who need it in those features since I can’t personally get back to everyone’s emails. What do you think? Anyway, Sharnel, no advice for you except to keep doing what you are doing! Fab job!

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  • Sharnel

    What can I say? I'm absolutely flattered by your kind words. Really, you have no idea how I'm feeling right now.
    I truly love creating these dessert tables and getting this feedback from the "other Martha" is just overwhelming.
    Thank you again, you've made one Mum in Australia very happy indeed.

  • Paula Rosenthal

    Sharnel, your table is beautiful! I love the colors and all the details. I made my first dessert table recently (photos on my blog) but I still have a long way to go to get all the details down. πŸ™‚

    Amy, I think your idea is fantastic. I'm sure many aspiring dessert table designers would love the feedback from you. I'm following you religiously on Twitter and your sites. Thanks for all you do and share.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Sharnel! Very whimsical! Love the color scheme and the colors. The arrangement is perfect. The green apples are a great touch.

    Amy: This is a lovely gesture and thank you for featuring Sharnel's work. I think a blog post on occassion featuring your admirer's work is a lovely idea.You are so talented and amazing. I love your work! Keep the pictures coming. So inspiring!

  • Villa Oz

    So simple and so beautiful!

  • Cupcake

    Cute designs. So bright and colorful. I love your idea of a dessert table highlight blog with constructive criticism. I'm not a tablescape designer but I'd still love something like that, I'd read it daily.

  • “Pink Party Girl”

    I enjoy each photo of your dessert designs, and would love to see more! As a party planner, I've created a few myself, but would love suggestions! How do you begin your design process? I'd like to know what it is that 'gets you going'! Is it a color, or an object that sets you in motion? Please share and keep up the great postings!

  • Lorraine

    Your table is awesome! Did you make the cake and cookies? They look fabulous.

  • Rowaida

    Hi Amy, this so beautiful, love the colors. Thank you for introducing Sharnel.
    Rowaida Flayhan

  • Taylor

    I love MLML and this party was just beautiful- no detail left out! A friend of mine is planning her son's first birthday so I e-mailed her the pictures immediately…turns out she was already drooling over them herself!

  • K

    Simply gorgeous! And yes, Amy, more of these features would be fantastic!

  • Kim – The TomKat Studio

    Sharnel is amazing! I had to post immediately when I saw her latest party! Every detail is so perfect! Amy, you are such an inspiration to so many! Thank you for sharing your work & ideas, here on your blog!

  • Save the Date for Cupcakes

    Yes~ I think it would be fantastic! Everyone can use a little constructive criticism~ especially coming from you Amy!


  • Tammy Golson

    This is a beautiful table, and Amy I think it's a great idea to feature the work of others and give them your feedback on how to make it better.

  • Anonymous

    I love this table. Great job! I would love to see more.

  • Kelly

    Such a beautiful party. I love your work.

  • Esther

    Te quedo bella esta mesa. Felicidades.
    Me encantan tus trabajos.

  • Susan

    wow!!! how gorgeous! what a lovely job she did!

  • Letterpress

    I'd love to see worthwhile designs, as well as your take on them–what makes them succesful, where they could improve. This would really helpful for my own fledgling efforts.

    Thanks for your blog–

  • Jackie

    I would love a column with some feedback. And things like tips for photographing indoor tables would be a huge help for me! Sometimes I'm really proud of a table, but for the life of me I can't get the photos to show it off properly.

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous idea. It's great to see what can be done with different budgets and how we can all improve. Very generous of you and I'm really looking forward to it. LOVED Sharnel's table.

  • Christi Bennett @ pisforparty

    Wasn't that dessert table great?!

    I think an ongoing dessert table feature is a great idea!

  • citygirl – Stacey

    Looks great! I like how she used the gift wrapped box as a holder for the caramel popcorn. Very creative!

  • Sarah

    i think a column to critique others tables is a GREAT idea! Now if you would just let people shadow you on the job… πŸ™‚

  • Emily

    This is a beautiful table – what lucky kids! I can never get enough of Amy's pictures… I love the idea of a blog section with others' tables.

  • “Pink Party Girl”

    Uh-oh, Amy!
    Looks like you got more than you asked for! πŸ™‚ Hope it's not too much more work to add extras to your blog, but we are all just DYING to learn more, see more and be more inspired!
    thanks for sharing!

  • Leanne Ambrogio

    Hi Amy – I love Sharnel's work as well and I follow both her blog and yours and you have both inspired me to attempt the dessert table for my daughters 4th birthday party in March – I think your idea of guest dessert tables would be fantastic. Thanks again. Leanne in Australia

  • Sandi

    I agree, this was a beautiful party.
    I think the idea is fantastic. I would love to see your advice!

  • librarianism

    Thanks for sharing this very cool pinwheel party. It would be awesome if you share some of the other parties and tables that get sent your way!

  • faithy, the baker

    Wow! This is amazing! I love how everything co-ordinates and matches so perfectly! The color combo is perfect too!

  • Astrid

    For a while now i am following your and Sharnel`s blog, and I LOVE IT, i get so happy and inspired by all your creations.
    (sorry if my englisch is not up to date, i do my best :-)).
    Thank you for sharing your ideas, and hope you will share more with us in the future.

    From a wanna be dessert table designer (but who has lots to learn :-).

  • Patricia Torres

    This is a true inspirationt to all of us… Wow!!

  • Anonymous

    I think the idea is great. I would really appreciate seeing dessert tables from "normal" people and hearing some suggestions would be great. I love what you do!

  • Anonymous


  • Cassidy

    i think you should make these kinds of post a regular thing ! i'd love to see aspiring dessert table designers and their work .

  • e_donaldson

    This is so cute! I love how the popcorn is displayed! Thanks for sharing the picture with us!

    – Elizabeth

  • Frenchy chick

    This is so wonderful!!!! This is a show stopper. J'adore!!!!

  • Etta

    Simply beautiful inspiration! πŸ™‚

  • Dragonfly

    I love the cute little biscuits πŸ™‚

  • collin

    Lovely blog u have Amy. I really liked it a lot.

    Take the Dessert Personality Test and find out your personality on the basis of your favorite dessert. I have taken the test and enjoyed a lot. Hope u too will enjoy it. Have Fun!!

  • Kim @ Frostmeblog.blogspot.com

    I heart blue and orange together! And argyle!?!? Fantastic!!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  • Rowaida

    So simple and beautiful!

  • Whimsy Cookie Co.

    Very sweet…I love the color combo…one of my favorites this year!!

  • mistythompson

    gorgeous! love the baby blue & orange combo πŸ™‚

  • Sandy

    I love the argyle detail, so very classy! The blue and orange colors are super fun too!

  • Wendy @ Whimsy & Wise Events

    SO beautiful! I LOVE this! The color combination is just perfect.

  • Moosette

    Oh my goodness – Love it all… the color scheme… argyle… wrapped boxes – it is all to die for!

  • Red Velvet Confections

    So beautiful and elegant. Love the wrapped boxes.

  • Katie Yoon

    I love them so much!! very lovely!

  • Enchanted Expectations

    I love this color combo. I'm using the same for my sons Easter party. What great inspiration!

  • Courtney

    Could not love more! Every detail is absolutely amazing!

  • Cuteshorn

    Would you mind sharing where you got that fabric for the backdrop?! So amazing!

  • Cornflake

    Love the hanging butterflies and baby meringues, what a gorgeous party!

    Dito, where's that fabric from?

  • Γ—ΛœΓ—ΒΓ—ΛœΓ—β„’

    its saw butiful i love it

  • NINA

    They all look so beautiful and yummy!

  • Tania McCartney

    Just divine. The curly icing on those cupcakes should be permanently preserved!

  • A Southern Accent

    So adorable! Love it. Gives me some great ideas for my little one's party next weekend!

  • Lindsey (Bella Grace Party Designs}

    It is for sure a dessert table to be inspired by!

  • Chocolate Freckles

    Beautiful!!!! Details details details!!!! Amazing!!

  • Kim – The TomKat Studio

    Thank you, ladies! It was such a fun party to put together!

    I found the fabric at Joann, end of bolt two days before the party! It was perfect!

  • Pretty Party Studio

    I am totally swooning-just gorge!

  • Sandi

    the elephants are precious!

  • Clementina

    Complimenti, bellissime decorazioni. Clementina

  • Style Me Gorgeous

    ThankYOU Amy πŸ™‚ Im doing a happy dance right now xx

  • Susan Crabtree

    super adorable!

  • Marija

    Oh… It is adorable!!! i love those blue hanging decorations!!!

  • Rosie Campbell
  • Lorraine

    I love this party – the colors are especially awesome.

  • kaysi fox

    love it!!!!!

  • Save the Date for Cupcakes

    Gorgeous sweets!

  • Gifts Created

    Style me Gorgeous is a major super star in my eyes!

  • NINA

    This is just too CUTE!
    Lover her work!

  • MummyPages.ie

    Wow – they are just awsome!

  • Tammy Moore

    I'm in love!! Everything is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  • Fawn

    LOVE it all.

    What does the "Wishes for Max" sign say in the mini suitcase/lunchbox?

  • Fawn

    LOVE it all.

    What does the "Wishes for Max" sign say in the mini suitcase/lunchbox?

  • Kim @ Frost Me!

    this was a really sweet idea and setup!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  • vicky

    Thanks so much Amy for the feature. Looking forward to seeing the lovely project you are busy preparing!

  • Sandy a la Mode

    i LOVE pinwheels and this dessert table is just sooo colorful! great inspiration amy!

  • simpledaisy

    Oh my gosh…yor work is absolutely amazing!!!!!

  • Bea @ CancunCookies

    So sweet!Love pinwheels…

  • Cassidy

    how cute !
    i love the pink popcorn <3

  • pinkstilettos

    So Sweet! Love it!

  • So cute!!!