Jan 06, 2010

Umbrella Prints

By: Amy Atlas, in Uncategorized

We’re working with Kate Sullivan on a big project next week {more on that to come, she’s amazing!} and she introduced me to Umbrella Prints. I had seen their fabric before, but had never been to their site. On a day where everything seems to be going wrong {and it is one of those days}, this picture just make me happy! Check out their site filled with “eye candy” fabrics, which you can cleverly use for covering vases, making table runners, creating backdrops, or really anything. Here’s to a better rest of the day!

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  • Merci New York

    Ooh so cheery! Loving the large fan flower on linen. Thanks for the resource!

  • Alejandra

    I love fabric! I sometimes buy it without knowing what I'll do with it, thanks for sharing these, they are amazing.

  • Little Art Studio

    Good luck on your project and I'm sending you good thoughts in hopes that your day will get better!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Amy just read your tweet, wow! Kate Sullivan is really amazing love her cakes so creative and talented.
    Always looking forward to reading your blog and your tweets.
    Best Regards,
    Rowaida Flayhan

  • Anonymous

    By the way, I forward your post umbrella prints to my daughter who is studying in London at Chelsea College of Art & Design.
    Thanks Amy for the resource.

  • Carla Cavellucci Landi

    They are gorgeous indeed!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Cupcake

    The bad day syndrome must be contagious. That is exactly the kind of day I am having. Can't wait to get home and take my stress and bad karma away by creating!

  • Tati Alberti

    Thank you for being so generous to share information in your blog, I am crazy for him …
    Congratulations on the success and Commitment …
    Thank …
    Tati Alberti – Brazil

  • Scoots

    Whimsical and chic!

  • Clau!

    Those are really cute, thaks for sharing you are such an inspiration 😉


  • Jen Kim

    Hi Amy, love your beautiful blog! It really has been one of those days and this definitely cheered me up, thanks for sharing.