Dec 10, 2009

Feature Dessert Table from a Flight Attendant

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

We’re working on an event today with Preston Bailey today (I can’t wait to see what he does!) and are a bit swamped at the moment to share what we’re doing, so I thought I would share an interesting email that I received from one of my readers. I get A LOT of emails from people who are trying to create their own dessert tables. Often, they share pictures of their own dessert bars. I read one email yesterday from Australian corporate flight attendant Nicky McLauchlan and thought this one was an interesting story to share. Nicky creates “little events” while in flight and this was her attempt to do a dessert bar on-board. Great job, Nicky!

In Nicky’s words….

“I work as a corporate flight attendant and have created many ‘little events’ on-board. I think I must be the luckiest flight attendant in the world because my bosses are extreme fashionista’s. They love glamour, style and anything that’s in vogue. Their love for style has enabled me to create some wonderful themed table display’s for their flights, many of which I take inspiration from you!

As you can imagine the space i was working with was small…very small, (and it all has to be cleared away in record time as we taxi before take-off)… but it just goes to prove that ‘big is not always better’.

My most recent theme was a mini Amy Atlas inspired Winter Wonderland Dessert Bar. I have posted some photos on my blog, Chasing Rainbows, Kissing Frogs. I would be honored if you stopped by.

Kindest regards,

Nicky McLauchlan

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  • Sharnel

    OMGoodness, Nicky is a friend of mine and she certainly has done a beautiful job here.
    She is amazing that girl!
    Thanks for sharing Amy.

  • Anonymous

    Wow ! I'm having a dinner party this weekend and this has given me inspiration to do a side table desert bar pre-set up before my friends arrive. Thanks Nikki for the idea.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of many of Nickys creations. Shows a lot of style and creativity. It is true that our principles appreciate her efforts. Good there is a forum for such work to be showcased and acknowledged. The beauty of the work reflects the beauty of the girl.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Great I want to work with Nicky that is a fab desert bar I will use the ideas at my winter snow wedding in July in Australia …Kerry

  • Anonymous

    Until now I was happy with a glass of juice before take off! I think I'd enjoy this pre take off indulgence. I'll need a Caramel filled Donut after viewing all these treats.

  • Anonymous

    Such a large variety of goodies squeezed into such a small showcase, without even a hint of overcrowding. Check out the snowmen keeping watch over the selection of goodies, while frosted snow flakes scatter around. You must have the luckiest passengers.

  • Anonymous

    The Company you work for is obviously not Jetstar!!! Well done Nicky love the yummy display. Your Boss is lucky to have such talent and someone so dedicated to their job. I fly on the Kangaroo and know how difficult it is to make a small space look special….you have gone above and beyond. Congratulations. Jodie/Aust