Nov 10, 2009

C is for Cookie

By: Amy Atlas, in Uncategorized

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of Jim Henson’s Sesame Street and Bakerella outdid herself yet again and made her gorgeous cake pops into the wonderful characters on Sesame Street. I think Sesame Street brings back memories for all of us, right? I have vivid memories of watching Big Bird and the Cookie Monster as a young child. And now after over 30 years, I watch my own children laugh at those same characters on tv. Often, I hear my younger son humming the “c is for cookie” song around the house. It is quite amazing how the show has remained successful after 40 years. Bakerella’s cake pops are the perfect way to celebrate Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary.

Here is Bakerella’s sketch of the famous characters…

Elmo being created…

Our favorite characters…

Someone takes a bite out of Cookie Monster!

Thanks Bakerella !

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  • Ivy

    You have done it again as Amy Atlas put it in her tweet this morning and she brought me here again. I love your creations. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us! I should share you on my blog too!

  • Ginger

    These are incredible! I love Bakerella's blog; as someone just starting a baking business, I get a lot of inspiration from her (and from you!). Thanks, Amy;)

  • Michely Medeiros.

    ohhh gosh!!!!! i love bakerella she's one of my main source of inspiration.

  • Sue Sparks

    Yep, Bakerella is amazing!

  • Lovely Scribbles

    I always find inspiration from Bakerella. Her creativity in baking is so fabulous!

  • Meg {Sienna Wedding)

    So cute! You're blog is so beautiful. I will be sure to link to you!

  • hair salon london

    I love cookies monsters and these are incredible..

  • ann

    Those are absolutely precious! I adore Bakerella as much as I adore you!

  • pityenlacocina

    too cute, not sure I could bite one of those, i just want to keep them! amazing! cheers rom london

  • Bakerella

    Amy – Thank you for the sweet story. I love the pink and yellow dessert table. Beautiful.

  • Jess

    These are phenomenal! It is neat to see the entire process from the sketching to the putting together– thanks for sharing!

  • Loulabelle

    Wow these are amazing! What a fab idea :o)

  • NePasCroquer

    Wouuuh !!!