Oct 06, 2009

Halloween Stained Glass Cookie Tree

By: Amy Atlas, in Uncategorized

With holiday entertaining around the corner, we’ve been super busy with a bunch of projects so I apologize for the lack of blogging for the last 2 days. One of the projects was creating this stained-glass cookie Halloween tree. We had seen a lot of stained-glass cookies used for Christmas, but not for Halloween. We created pumpkin, skull, bat and cat cookies. We then hung the cookies with ribbon off of gold-painted branches. I’ll provide our stained-glass cookie recipe this week so you can start experimenting with stained-glass cookies, too!

Enjoy this spooky treat!

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  • Tiffany

    Wow!! These are fabulous!! Great home decor item!

  • Bride Tide

    {lovely} and simple. Truly delightful!

  • strawberries and champagne

    I love this, such a lovely idea… Can't wait to see the recipe!

  • Lindsay @ Likely Design

    These are great! Can't wait for the recipe!!

  • denise

    What a great idea to use the stained glass idea for Halloween. THanks for sharing

  • Barbara

    Well, if that isn't the cutest thing I have seen in ages! Will be watching for the recipe.

  • pityenlacocina

    what a wonderful bunch ofcookies! they really look great, and i will be making them for my nephew! cheers from london,


  • LydiaAndPugs

    I love to know the recipe 🙂

  • Deborah

    So incredibly cool! You are so creative. Love them!

  • CC

    Those looks adorable! Not to mention yummy. 🙂


  • {lorelailette<3}

    oh my goodness! those are sooo yummy looking!!!


    Lady SUnflower

  • Melissa

    Oh my gosh, I love these! What a wonderful way to prep for Halloween.

  • lisa golightly

    Loving this idea applied to Halloween … how cool at night with the glow of candlelight shining through ! XOL