Sep 22, 2009

Happy Fall – Faux-Bois Fun!

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest

Fall06 Happy Fall – Faux Bois Fun!

Fall03 Happy Fall – Faux Bois Fun!

Fall01 Happy Fall – Faux Bois Fun!

Fall05 Happy Fall – Faux Bois Fun!

Fall04 Happy Fall – Faux Bois Fun!

I posted last week about a project that we were working on at Amy Atlas Events. Since today is the first day of fall, we decided to create a fall-inspired dessert story to kick off the new season. A faux-bois pattern and acorns were the inspiration for the story.

We created a lovely faux-bois paper for the backdrop as well as a custom acorn garland to drape over the backdrop. We’ll provide a template for the acorn garland tomorrow!

For desserts, we made two almond fondant cakes and placed them on tree trunk cake stands. We also created pistachio cinnamon meringue (we’ll provide a recipe for the meringues tomorrow) and tuiles filled with spiced-apple custard. We wrapped hazelnut truffles with custom faux-bois tissue paper.

Happy fall!

Photography by Rainbeau Seitz.

pixel Happy Fall – Faux Bois Fun!

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  1. So dreamy – thanks for sharing. I love love love the faux-bois patterns.

  2. Oooh fall is my favorite season – I really miss the fall foliage in New England, sigh…..I might have to have a fall festival just to reminisce. Thank you for sharing!

  3. that is so creative…. no one should eat it and just keep lookin at it and admire the beauty of ur creations,,,,

  4. that is so creative…. no one should eat it and just keep lookin at it and admire the beauty of ur creations,,,,

  5. my wedding 10 years ago next week (!) was done with an autumn fallen leaves theme. We had individual 3 tiered cakes for each guest. It was all chocolate with chocolate fondant and it was sitting in some raspberry yummyness with acorns on the bride and grooms cake. They tasted like gourmet hostess cupcakes…. I love this table you did… it would have fit right in!

  6. Faux bois is so fun – and perfect for fall! Such wonderful work, as always. :)

  7. So great! I love fall and this is really getting me in the mindset. If I could only taste it all!!


  8. Amy! wow wow. my fave by far, love faux-bois.

  9. those acorns are adorable! love it all.

  10. Absolutely beautiful. Fall is such a fun season!

  11. I love this!!!!!! Thank you for all your inspiration! I just did my daughter's tablescape for her Very Merry Un-Birthday Party and used you for inspiration! Thank you!!

  12. I love this :) That cake looks amazing! So excited fall is finally here!

  13. I always love seeing your creations..AMAZING!

  14. I love the acorns!

  15. Love it, I'm inpsired.

  16. yummy! i want one or maybe more of everything! cant wait for the diy and recipe!

  17. Gorgeous! I love the tree trunk cake stands!

  18. I want to play, too. Need an intern?

  19. Gorgeous! Congrats!

  20. So beautiful & perfectly whimsical! Could you elaborate how you made/purchased the stands? Love them!

  21. The details are brilliant.

  22. i am so inspired!

  23. Oh I just love this!

  24. Amazing! Will yo share the tuiles recipe also?

  25. Yuuum, love what you share!!


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