Sep 09, 2009

Back to School

By: Amy Atlas, in Recipes

My older son is starting Kindergarten tomorrow and to say that I am emotional would be an understatement. It seems like just yesterday that we welcomed him into the world, and now he is a confident, smart and sweet boy. We walked by his school today and he said to me “Mom, you don’t have to walk me in tomorrow, the teacher can do that.” Needless to say, there will be many tears tomorrow! As kids are starting school across the nation, I thought it would be appropriate to include a few pictures of one of my fave back to school dessert ideas from the one and only Martha Stewart. This Martha Stewart Kids story was about dessert ideas for a school bakesale, but you can easily create this type of a display for a back to school party. Since dessert is one of the many things my son and I both love, I think I am going to surprise him tomorrow after school with an apple cupcake! Wish us luck for tomorrow!

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  • Tartelette

    Good luck to him and to you too! It is a big day indeed and apple cupcakes sound perfect!

  • thecookieshopinenglish

    I've been there with my daughter last year – they grow way too fast!

  • citygirl – Stacey

    Good luck Amy! My daughter starts first grade tomorrow. Can't believe it! Today was also her 6th birthday. My head is spinning. 🙂

  • Bridget

    Oh, I cried and cried on my little one's first day! He's 10 now, I'm almost over it. 😉

    And, Martha Stewart Kids…that was my favorite magazine!!!

  • Paige Appel

    So super cute. I'm planning one for my son's back to school this weekend. Thanks Amy.

  • Kim – The TomKat Studio

    My son started Kinderprep this year, and I cried the first day when I dropped him off. He was fine though and LOVES it! They grow up too fast!

    Love these photos from Martha, especially the cupcakes! 🙂

  • Simply Creative Insanity

    Good luck to you guys! My little one started kindergarten this year too and I know how you feel! I cried for a week!

  • Alexis

    Enjoy this time! I cried this year because my daughter started
    5th grade and it is her last year at her elementary school. It seems like yesterday she was in kindergarten…now they look so small.