Aug 20, 2009


By: Amy Atlas, in Uncategorized

As we get ready for our last summer parties, I am trying to incorporate pinwheels. Pinwheels bring a festive feeling to a party and are great for both kids and adults. Kate’s Paperie is currently displaying these giant pinwheels in their window display. Aren’t they great?!

I recently found a great company that makes custom pinwheels that are terrific for parties. Pinwhirls , a division of Crossroads Cottage Biz whirls custom papers into personalized party pinwheels. They can even turn your custom pinwheels into mini cupcake topper pinwhirls, clothespin pinwheels, and pinwheel placecards!

Feeling like you’re in the diy mode? Pinwhirls even sells diy kits so you can have your own diy pinwheel party! Have fun whirling during these last summer days!

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  • jess

    love pinwheels! used them in my 'classic birthday' party theme last month

  • Elana Dweck

    They are really easy to make yourself too without a kit. We designed some for our "inauguration party" earlier this year. We just printed them on our home printer, folded them ourselves and attached them to straws as a base. Martha Stewart has a good instructional for this on her site:

  • Joanna

    This makes me all nostalgic 🙂

  • Michelle

    That huge one is so pretty! The paper choice really makes it. Are you planning on using these in any upcoming events? They'd be fantastic at a kids event!

  • Carrie @ Cottage Cozy

    Pinwheels just shout "party" don't they! I love the beautiful designs and colors!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  • Tamara Jansen

    That would be PERFECT for my party on Sunday!

  • Enchanted Expectations

    Love the Pinwheels

  • amber {daisy chain}

    love these, how cute would they be blowing in the wind?

  • Mandy

    Those are the cutest ever! They're the perfect whimsical accent to a candy tablescape, too!

  • beautifuliving

    I'm pretty obsessed with KP.. as in the staff knows me at this point. Scary but it does make shopping there all that much more fun.

    DId you ever see the glitter birds they had not to long ago.. loved them!!

  • Gold Coast Hotels

    Great designs! They are so cool. I love it!