Aug 14, 2009

Sugared Magnolia, Cupcakes Blooming

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds

Starcupcake1 Sugared Magnolia, Cupcakes Blooming

PinkConfection Sugared Magnolia, Cupcakes Blooming

Petits+fours Sugared Magnolia, Cupcakes Blooming

DeepChocCupcake Sugared Magnolia, Cupcakes Blooming

I have to apologize for neglecting to blog the last couple of days. I’ve been so busy with lots of projects, including stories for People Magazine and Town & Country Magazine, as well as lots of party requests! This morning, I received a sweet tweet from Gina of Sugared Magnolia. No, this Salt Lake City-based patisserie has nothing to do with the band the Grateful Dead, although they have discovered the “wonders of nature” with their desserts which are only made with organic ingredients. Sugared Magnolia even uses fresh fruit from their own organic garden, how good does that sound?! Check out their site here for loads of organic goodies. Warning – you may want to take a bite out of the screen!

pixel Sugared Magnolia, Cupcakes Blooming
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12 Comments for: “Sugared Magnolia, Cupcakes Blooming”

  1. Thank you Amy! It's exciting to be featured on your blog as you are so talented yourself!

    And please, no screen-eating, anyone! ;)

  2. Can something be heavenly and sinful? Yummmmmmm!

  3. yummmm, I want the top cupcake!

  4. I'm loving that last cupcake photo, with the mountain of creamy white frosting! Yum!

  5. Will have to check them out! Thanks for passing the info!

  6. Still, what a wonderful song AND a delicious cupcake!

  7. how cuteeeeeeeeee, OMG

  8. Lovely :)

  9. I just got back in town and checked out all the great comments. Thank you all for being so sweet! =)

  10. love the GD references =)
    yum-e sweets for sure!

  11. how do they get that unearthly pearlescent quality to the icing??


  12. Wow! They are delectable and so enticing!

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