Jul 03, 2009

Layer Cake Shop Opens!

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds

layercakeshop Layer Cake Shop Opens!

Erica Miller of Thoughtful Day , just told me about the recent opening of Layer Cake Shop , an online store that sells baking supplies that any dessert lovin’ gal will eat up. Shop the site to find unique cupcake wrappers, edible glitter, colorful jimmies, and fancy twine. I can’t wait to use their goodies to dress up one of my dessert bars !

pixel Layer Cake Shop Opens!
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9 Comments for: “Layer Cake Shop Opens!”

  1. Thanks Amy! Lovely post and we love your work! Hope to supply you with many wonderful sweet supplies in the future!

  2. Wow – exactly what I've been waiting for. Thanks for passing on the info Amy.

  3. The new website Layer Cake Shop is so cute! I am already in love with the candy ties!

    Thanks so much Amy!

  4. Thanks for sharing this great and fun resource, living in Maine you really appreciate an online store like this so thanks so much, Patricia

  5. Awesome Store!! I recently purchased the nautical picks and blue swirl baking cups from these fabulous ladies on etsy.com. I was so wonderfully happy with the product!

  6. I just looked at the new shop and it is really great. I like the look of the site. Very inviting and sweet!

  7. great shop and check out Bake It Pretty.com as well–Amanda (the creator) is a genius and a love.

  8. Oh wow! I must check out this website! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh, please do check out BakeitPretty.com, too. Please. Amanda's shop is one of my best shared secrets.

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